Up to 8 players can explore dungeons whilst fighting a huge variety of monsters!



A fantasy adventure maze game that up to eight people can play on screen simultaneously, exploring dungeons and fighting monsters from a top-view perspective.

Exciting non-stop gameplay in which new players can enter a game in progress at any time.

The object of the game is to co-operate and survive as long as possible whilst competing for food, magic potions and treasure.

The race to find the maze exit is made increasingly more difficult by a huge variety of monsters including Ghosts, Skeletons, Zombies, Ogres, Devils, Swamp monsters, Wizards, Witches, Sorcerers, Death, Worms, Goblins and Spiders!

Multiplayer requires joypads to be attached to your android device. Single players can use either touch screen controls or the device remote control if you have one.


  • Up to 8 players on screen at once - even on mobile.
  • 8 way scrolling with a 3D perspective, scale in/out effects.
  • Classic 60hz retro arcade game action.
  • Speech!
  • Lots of blood.
  • Thousands of level combinations, some featuring secret sections.
  • Treasure, magic potions, food.
  • Weapon powerups, magic weapon!
  • Hundreds of monsters on screen.
  • Multiple joypad support for Android - including mobile!
  • Virtual joypad server and Wii-U 'like' client built-in.

HTML5 test version available:

Load game by clicking here... (screen will go black for a few seconds after loading)

Android test version available:

Android app on Google Play

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