November 2016: Dungeons, coming to all platforms soon...

'Dungeons' from SinisterSoft is coming soon mobile, tablet, desktop and TV platforms. It was created by Anthony Ball and his daughter Lucy (age 7). Lucy, togther with George (5) and Dylan (12) added the monster sound effects within the game.


Featuring up to 8 players and classic retro arcade style action, it's sure to be a hit!


April 2014: What Rhymes With Martians? launched for major mobile platforms!

'What Rhymes With Martians?' from SinisterSoft is now available for iOS via the Apple AppStore, Android via the Google Play Store and Kindle via the Amazon App Store. 'What Rhymes With Martians?' was created by Anthony Ball and Faye O'Neill, their daughter Lucy (age 6) voiced the speech effects within the game.


A new and exciting variation of the popular 'match 3' style games, 'What Rhymes With Martians?' is exploding onto the Apps market with fast moving puzzle action.